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Doré Rothberg McKay represents more oilfield services companies than any law firm in Texas. We file more mineral liens than any firm in the U.S. Our clients range from the largest public companies in the industry to small, family-owned entities. Most have been our clients for years. The Firm also has a section dedicated to reviewing Master Service Agreements to help in your negotiations. In our niche, we are the market leader and experts in best practices.


Doré Rothberg McKay works with credit managers, CFOs and General Counsel to assist your collections efforts. Credit and collections has been our area of expertise for decades, and we offer your company lots of “tools” to help – from our Lien Calculator and chart on state lien laws, to our videos on legal forms for your use, and even to free courses offered to your team such as Liens 101. As the largest business law firm in the Houston Energy Corridor, we have the most experience because we are involved in this work every day for clients. The Firm sponsors the annual symposium Trends & Traps to update professionals on the latest in the practice of commercial collections.


Doré Rothberg McKay aggressively defends the rights of our clients to get paid for their work. We are especially mindful of the cost-benefit of litigation and give feedback to our clients in monthly progress reports to help you make the best business decisions. Many times the best outcome depends on the steps that you take before a suit is ever filed. Our Firm has many years of experience in advising you of the best strategy in advance. The Litigation & Bankruptcy Section of our practice is a dedicated team of lawyers and paralegals.


Doré Rothberg McKay began 30 years ago with Carl Doré who opened a law firm in far west Houston where real estate was booming. He became one of the first lawyers certified as a specialist in Residential & Commercial Real Estate by the State Bar of Texas.  As the Firm grew, so did our breath of experience in giving legal advice in real estate matters. Because of the amount of work that we do in the oilfield, we have expertise when it comes to liens and contractors getting paid for there work. The Firm has clients in the industry which we regularly advise and review real estate contracts and closings.


Doré Rothberg McKay is the largest business law firm in the Houston Energy Corridor. As our motto says, we are “Strictly Business” representing companies across Texas in all manner of contract disputes. From business formation, sales agreements & work orders, credit & collections, and even sales of assets, we have represented companies, owners, and managers doing it all. The Firm is as proud of its reputation of negotiating favorable settlements as it is of our track record for winning lawsuits.


Doré Rothberg McKay wants to be your law firm for life. Building relationships with our clients is a constant drumbeat in our Firm. While we focus on the business needs of clients, we don’t ignore that our customers are also people with legal needs beyond their work. From drafting wills for our clients to helping the family probate an estate, we have attorneys and paralegals who are experienced and dedicated to this area of our practice. We have forms and information handouts to make it easy and affordable to plan your personal affairs.


Doré Rothberg McKay is the premier business law firm in the Houston Energy Corridor. We represent debtors in almost every industry bankruptcy finding ways to assure that they are given the most favorable treatment. From elevating you to secured creditor status to defeating claims of preferential transfers, the Firm has gained quite a reputation in bankruptcy circles nationwide. As an industry leader, our annual Trends & Traps symposium brings together legal experts and consultants to explore new developments and ideas. Our Bankruptcy Alert gives clients immediate information about industry filings, and our Bankruptcy Tracker is the leading publication for keeping track of entities that may have consequences for your company’s collections.

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