Testimonials & Thank You’s

“Hi Carl, Thanks to you and your staff for all your help in the sale of ____ Insurance Services, Inc. It was appreciated more than words can say….” Thanks again! Kay

“Ms. Aquino, Thank you for your excellent help, patience, and kindness. Best Wishes,” Barbara

“Carl, Thanks for all your help. It was your letter that jump started Wells Fargo & got results.” Sincerely, Sandie

“Carl, …..We appreciate you treating us as family. …” Karen Karen Thank You

“Meg, Thank you,” Ron Ron Thank You

“Carl, Thanks for helping ….. I’ll keep you in mind for any legal issues in the future.” Glenn Glenn Thank You

“Thanks for your help. We finally closed on Tues.” Kathleen Kathleen Thank you

“Dear Carl, Thank you for helping me with my property sale. I will contact you when I get the other part ready to sell.” Jake Jake Thank You

“Thanks so much” Pat P. Pat Thank you

“Carl, Just a small token of my gratitude for your recent advice. No matter the circumstance I can always depend upon you to look after my best interest. …..” Love, Robin JFK Thank you from Robin

“Thank you,” Boyd & Emily Boyd & Emily Thank you

“Dear Mr. Dore, Just wanted to thank you for your time with our class! ….. your advice on the better grade in class. O-yeah it works! Thanks again for your helpful tips and motivation!” Sincerely, Heather Heather 2 Thank you

“Carl, Thank you so much for coming again this year. The kids have such a great time with you they learn something new. It means a lot for them to be able to hear from the real professionals about their future.” Thanks again! Heather Heather Thank you

“Carl, Thank you so much for helping me through this………” Sincerely, Andrea Andrea Thank you

“Dear Mr. Dore, Thank you for interviewing me. Your constructive criticism and overall advice has been a big help. Your opinion on law school, Texas Christian University, and legal work in general has opened my eyes on my future. Thank you for your time.” Sincerely, Taylor Taylor Thank You

“Carl, I recently completed the guardianship matter…..Thanks again for your support. …… and feel confident about what I presented to the court. ……” Sincerely, Michelle Michelle Thank you

“Dear Carl, …… thanks a million for being a rider for all of us who deal with MS……” Katie Katie Thank you Note

“Carl: Thanks very much for your help on the legal work….” Thanks again, Stan  Stan Thank You

“Dear Terri,_____ Sherry & Carl,  We all had a wonderful time getting together for lunch ….. It is so nice to put a face with the names and voices… Pleasure meeting “The Gang” BJ Services” BJServices Thank You

“Dear Carl: … Thank you for your gifts of food, legal consultations …” Yours truly, Joe Joe Thank You

“Dear Mr. Doré, On behalf of the entire Texas A&M Law Review, thank you for your support of our Sixth Annual Energy Symposium….your participation helped the Law Review create a successful Symposium that showcases our students’ work… We had record-breaking attendance… This is all thanks to your hard work, preparation, and professional delivery…” Best Regards, The Texas A&M Law Review Executive Board TX A&M Law Review Thank You

“Carl, Thanks for the lease agreement review and for getting it turned around so quickly. Greatly appreciated.” Take Care, Fatima Fatima Thank You

“Thank you” to Veronica Martinez.  Sincerely, Ms. MacLoughlin Thank you to VM From Ms. MacLoughlin

“Thank you” to Carl Doré. Sincerely, Ms. MacLoughlin Thank you to CD from Ms. MacLoughlin

“Carl, I hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to say thank you for helping Mrs. MacLoughlin with her real estate and LLC needs.  She came by my office and shared with me what you did for her.  She was very grateful for your kindness. … ” Thanks, Jeremy Gillen CPA Thank you to CD from Jeremy Gillen for Ms. MacLoughlin