Oil, Gas & Mineral Interests

The law firm of Doré Law Group handles the complex legal issues that surround energy production, exploration, and natural resources development and exploitation. Economic and political forces play a role in all of these areas, and applicable law may be local, national, or international. Carl Doré’s degree in petroleum engineering and years of experience in the oil industry help him to understand your needs. Our firm delivers professional legal services and cost-effective guidance across the entire range of oil and gas industry issues, regardless of client size or business focus.

We can help you with the preparation and review of energy real estate contracts and agreements, breach of contract litigation, operating agreement issues, all commercial real estate transactions and lease documentation.

I believe that my previous 15-plus years of experience as a petroleum engineer with Amoco, Santa Fe Energy, Petro-Lewis Corporation and Hughes Tool Company (now Baker-Hughes) has given me a different perspective for economically handling your oil and gas litigation or transactional project. I’d like to visit further with you, to show what we can do for you and your project.

Previous example projects have ranged from the following: (i) amendment of a joint operating agreement to allow removal of an operator, without resort to litigation; (ii) preparation of purchase and sale agreements (PSA) for oil and gas property acquisition; (iii) filing of lien claims for oilfield service company, and followup collection efforts; (iv) litigation between operators over validity of leasehold development rights; and many others.

Doré Law Group is also experienced in handling the legal complexities involved in the acquisition and disposition of natural resource properties and facilities. Our firm has advised clients regarding project agreements, management legal issues, and joint operations agreements. Contact us for a consultation.