Estate Planning

imgsm-160[1]Dore Law Group provides what we call “Business Estate Planning”. You have worked all your life to accumulate personal assets, many of which are inextricably tied to your business assets. We can help you protect your estate from estate taxes, long term care expenses and unnecessary legal fees. We help you and your loved ones have peace of mind by helping to assure that your estate will be handled according to your plan.

We are committed to client satisfaction as to the quality of our work and to the reasonableness of our cost-effective legal fees. Our legal services are structured to meet your particular needs and desires. We listen carefully to what you want and respond quickly. Our advice is provided in a comprehensive approach to help you protect and preserve your assets, including, where appropriate, the following general legal areas.

1.  Business Planning and Organizations such as Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Family Limited Partnerships, Family Limited Liability Companies.
2.  Buy/Sell Agreements

1.  Last Will & Testament
2.  Statutory Durable Power of Attorney
3.  Medical Power of Attorney
4.  Directive to Physician
6.  Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
7.  Living Trusts
8.  Irrevocable Trusts
9.  Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
10.  Pet Trusts
11.  Retirement Planning including IRA Stretch Outs and IRA Stand Alone Trusts

1.  Declaration of Guardian
2.  Do Not Resuscitate